Early Landowners of Northampton County, PA: Forks of the Delaware

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Early Landowners of Northampton County: Forks of the Delaware contains Joel’s research of each original tract of 7 townships (Forks, Palmer, Lower Nazareth, Bethlehem, Hanover, Allen, and East Allen Townships).
Each township chapter contains tracts that Joel has assigned numbers to starting from “1.” Each chapter begins with an orientation map of the area showing modern roads followed by more detailed quadrant sector maps labeled NE, NW, SE, and SW that includes the numbered tracts within the sector. Information for each tract includes: warrantee name (first applicant or claimant of the tract); warrant date; size of the tract; patentee (person who received final title to the tract); Patent Book and page number or Deed Book and page number where the transaction is recorded**; date of the patent or deed; Survey Book and page number or Deed Book and page number; survey date; reference to the lot number given in the deed; and reference to the numbered location on the “Forks of the Delaware” map on page 14 and original surveys on pp. 16-19.

Joel’s book is a sequel to, and extension of, A. D. Chidsey’s “The Penn Patents in the Forks of the Delaware” (1937) that is online for free at  FamilySearch and at Ancestry (for members). As Joel writes about his “Forks” book, “This book piggybacks upon the data from the Chidsey book, coupled with newer Deed descriptions for subsequent tract owners, and superimposes the tract boundaries on a modern day baseline map. The baseline map has current roads, waterways and villages, thereby making pinpointing the location of a specific tract relatively easy.” See https://ancestortracks.com/wp/home/free-resources/northampton-county/ for more details.

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Original landowners and locaton of tracts in Townships of Forks, Palmer, Lower Nazareth, Bethlehem, Hanover, Allen, and East Allen; 168 pages plus index

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